Sectional overhead doors ensure goods flow efficiently

Sectional overhead doors are one of the most commonly used doors for high traffic environments due to their durability, security, space efficiency and safety. This versatile design can be adapted to a range of commercial and industrial areas providing opportunities and benefits that other doors are unable to offer.

The sectional doors are manufactured using multiple panel sections built to withstand frequent usage. Their vertical opening creates more space in front of and behind the door allowing vehicles closer access and utilising further space inside of the building. The door sections fold up neatly and lies flat beneath the ceiling. Each door is manufactured to your specific requirements.

Sectional overhead doors can be installed in different sizes and, with additional properties. They range in size from up to 6 metres wide to 10 metres high. Manufactured in a light aluminium they have a layer of foam between the panels providing excellent insulation properties. Most commercial buildings and warehouses could benefit from a sectional door keeping the temperature and atmosphere as constant as possible.

Elite Industries’ sectional overhead doors offer exceptional space efficiency and all have safety devices included as standard. They are well-suited for commercial, industrial and manufacturing environments. Added extras include pedestrian doors, vision panels and traffic lights plus they are available in a range of twenty RAL colours.

Electrical options – 230v or 415v and either single or three-phase.

Elite Industries’ specialist doors are made to last in busy commercial environments. They are fitted by our experienced engineers who work to the highest standards.

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